Springtime Dressing: SF Style

Dressing for the ultimate casual climate challenge

If you’ve ever visited or lived in San Francisco, then you can truly understand the incredible micro-climates that are all over this historical city. It’s a pretty dang cool thing, geologically speaking, but let me tell you, dressing for it is a beast within itself!

Here’s one of my go-to classic California girl style outfits for when I’m wanting to embrace some springtime style, but know realistically there is very little spring in this 7×7 map.

This look was something for a casual all-girls dinner that I tagged along with my Mama to, and met so many wonderful women! It was a brunch-themed potluck-style get-together hosted at her pal’s beautiful Outer Richmond flat. Let’s just say when I started in the inner Richmond it was about 70 degrees and beautifully sunny, and as the blocks passed out towards the ocean, it dropped to the 50’s and fog so dense you couldn’t even see the next street!

I paired an easy camel sweater for some added warmth, with my classic black high-waisted skinnies. And that touch of spring I was talking about? Letting those toes out in my favorite gladiators! Links below to grab this ENTIRE look in my Poshmark, or via PayPal.

Camel Sweater ; Leather Jacket ; Black Skinnies; Gladiator Sandal

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