Bye-Bye SF, Hello SD!

Dal and I are off on our next adventure!

So I’ve got some freaking exciting news to share with you all, it’s something I’ve been hinting at for a while but I can officially shout it out from the mountaintops (or in this case, the next best thing, the internet!) After a little over a year back up in the Bay Area, I am going to be returning to my ultimate BAE, San Diego!

I grew up in the far East Bay, but moved down to San Diego about 8 or 9 years ago to finish up my college education at UCSD. I had always had the intention that once I got my fancy piece of paper, I’d just pop right back up to my beloved home. But there’s something about San Diego that really grabs on to you and sucks you in. The pace of life, the beauty of the ocean, the diversity of a small city life with some of the cutest restaurants and bars you’ve ever seen.

I chose to leave San Diego last year to pursue my relationship with a man I thought I would spend my life with. After five months, he pulled the rug out from under me, and I found myself alone-ish (romantically speaking, I have such a close circuit of amazing family-friends that held on tight to me) back where I had started. This prompted a LOT of reflection, listening to my intuition, and righting my own path.

This wasn’t the first time I moved for love, and you know, it might not be the last. I am all for pursuing passion, whether it be with hobbies, romance, or ethical issues, so there are no regrets for my past choices. However, being in a job I did not feel passion for, in a very expensive city living on my own paying for a too-expensive apartment, led me to thinking of a return back down south.

And this my friends is where the universe REALLY stepped in: I sent ONE message to a gal pal of mine whom I have known for years. She is the ultimate lady-boss in my eyes, starting her company from nothing about six years ago, and with her incredible vision and passion for the hustle, has turned her solo-operation into a thriving lifestyle brand. We’ve always talked in passing about me joining her team, and when I talk about stars aligning, this is about as perfect an example as we’ll ever get. My ultimate lady-boss is taking the step into Mama-hood, and I’m hopping on the train to take over sales responsibilities and growing into this next phase.

Have you ever had the universe speak to you and point you in the right direction so perfectly? Let me know in the comments an experience you had that felt completely out of your hands perfect!

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