An intro into Poshmark

Shipping out some special sales, read on to learn how

I’ve been selling on Poshmark for about 10 months now, and if you know me, you know I absolutely cannot shut up about my love and adoration for the warm community and the app itself. So, I’m going to give y’all a little breakdown of what I’ve been doing and how it might help in starting off a “closet” for yourself. Let me know in the comments if you have more questions I can post on!

Shipping out some sales, love when pieces find a new home to be cherished in

I’m no stranger to online selling, after working retail for over a decade, I have amassed more clothes than anyone every would need in one lifetime! I first started selling on a now defunct platform, Threadflip, and I was completely hooked! I loved shared styles I no longer was in love with, with other fashionistas, bringing a little joy to someone who had missed out on a certain piece I still had tucked away.

After Threadflip sold their site, I wasn’t active much in the secondhand fashion world, until about a year ago, I decided to list a couple of items onto Poshmark. The app makes it super simple, you can easily start ridding your closet of extras even without all the fancy toppings a lot of Poshers use. Just snap a photo of your piece, make a title and description, set a price, and make sure to consistently SHARE your new listing!

Now, about 10 months in, I have sold almost 200 pieces, and made over $6,000 in sales. It’s basically sisterhood of the traveling pants, but all over the country with new friends and style-mates.

Do you currently sell on Poshmark? I will keep posting additional how-to’s to help bring out the best in your listings and motivate some sales!

Quay Sunnies
Elizabeth & James Dress

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  1. Just so you know I found your site from IG (@original_.vintage after you commented on one of my recent posts. (Thanks for that 🙂 )This was a cool read about how simple poshmark makes things. Any tips you’d tell your past self when you first started selling on Poshmark?


    1. Oh gosh – to keep with it and learn from others as much as you can! There is such a supportive community that is absolutely unlike any other on any platform I’ve sold on. List daily, share daily, and don’t let others success discourage you – celebrate this as much as you would hope they would celebrate yours!


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