What’s With ‘Baikley?’

It’s a weird name for a site, doesn’t seem to make much sense, but the origin story of Baikley encapsulates what you can expect from me.

About 10 years ago, I was working as a department manager for Nordstrom SF, and “Words with Friends” was the newest sensation. My girls kept encouraging me to play along with them, and being the great boss that I am, succumbed to peer pressure. I created an account, typed in my username, and waited. I got a ping to play a game, assumed it was one of the gals, and began to whip some ass in Scrabble. About a week went by, and my girls came back to me – asking why hadn’t I joined yet? It turns out, when creating my username, I had thought it amazing my name, “Bailey,” was still available! It wasn’t, my fat fingers had typed in “Baikley” unbeknownst to me, and I had been whooping some 12 year-old, not my grown employees, in Scrabble.

Baikley stuck, however, and it joined the slew of nicknames I have collected over the years. My Mom calls me “Potato,” I was “Ebbie” in High School, my childhood BFF still calls me “Bagel.” At this point, I’ll answer to just about anything, if it means food, flowers, or puppies to follow. It’s a shame I’m not a stellar baker, or a massive stoner – because the story would be a lot more concise.

Follow along with me as I post about my days, weeks, and years – with good food, good friends, and always a sassy wit.


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