New Pad, Who Dis?

Snippets of a home by the beach

I kept saying that after all my years in San Diego (Or Sandy Eggo as I affectionatly call it, most days shortened just to the Eggo), I had never lived by the beach and it’s a bit of a disservice to live in a beach town and not be near the actual sand and surf, right? But realizing I did spend a few months just blocks from the waves in Encinitas, I guess I had a taste of the water life and must have dug it enough to try it once more!

San Diego is FULL of so many niches of neighborhoods, there’s a flavor profile to fit anyone. It wasn’t until I was back living up in the Bay Area in Oakland for a year that I realized just how much I absolutely love and adore this city and the life I have here. My friends up North would seriously roll their eyes when I spoke of SD, my eyes glazed over in appreciation of something I never knew how much I would miss until I was gone.

Design has always been in my blood- I feel like there are SO many art forms you can teach and perfect, but an eye for style or design is just something you have or you don’t. Sure, you can ABSOLUTELY learn tips and tricks, and learn how to jouge your way through. But a true eye for how to arrange a room or style an outfit is something that the rare few carry (find one of us and don’t let us go – or just drop me a line I LIVE for it),

This is the seventh space Dalvin and I have shared in the last three years, which means I am basically as close to a pro at moving as you can be (without actually going pro). And setting up a new space takes me a matter of days vs the months most people find themselves fishing about for pieces out of boxes still.

For me, I do not sleep or leave my new space until it’s been settled and I feel like I’m not walking into a disaster zone. Every time I find myself in a new space, friends who come over just a few short days after are always shocked to see that it looks as if I’ve lived there forever. It’s truly in my DNA, have got to wrap it up and wrap it up QUICK to get on living that sunny lifestyle!

I’ll keep posting some tips and tricks coming up of home decor 101 and how to hone in on your own personal aesthetic, how to perfect a collection of items you absolutely love, and how to curate your tastes down. Let me know in the comments what you struggle with aesthetically so I can focus in on these!


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