Long Time, No Talk

Okay, I’m embarrassed it’s been a HOT minute since I paid attention to Baikley.com – and it only took six weeks of being laid off during a pandemic for me to realize the neglect I’ve left it in. It’s a weird friggin’ time, but I’m committing back to filling my corner of the internet with hopefully entertaining and valuable words, pics, and some shop-ortunities (Why have the upgraded version if you can’t just nab secondhand style right from the page?!)

I wasn’t part of the very first wave of lay-offs thanks to COVID19, but I was pretty close to the start of the initial lost jobs in Mid March. I had of course a little panic attack before realizing, I was going to be alright, and it’s given me some time to figure out I actually COULD transition into styling and selling secondhand fashion full-time. Figuring out what that looks like it a never-ending lesson, that I probably won’t ever fully feel like I have the hang of. But so far, I’m loving the lifestyle and pace of working for myself.

When in our adult lives have we ever had WEEKS, MONTHS, to be with ourselves, and get some pure perspective on what we want to accomplish in this life? I can honestly say never – I’ve had a lot of amazing epiphanies brought on by heartbreak and trauma to gain clarity for the next chapters in my past. But to look at this period as a gift of time, to move slower, to delve into what you as a human being want and desire and wish to continue on with. It’s all about that mental shift, which can be so hard to conquer and power through without the time.

Using this time to intentionally slow down, to have multiple calls with friends near and far every single day, getting to run with Dalvin for as long as we feel like, having the hour to spend working out, preparing meals with purpose. Yes, there are insane uncertainties, and I am lucky for my health and my immediate family being unaffected. But if we look at what we are gaining from the experience, to reflect, and feel gratitude wholly. I’m excited to keep pushing myself forward, and to bring you along on what is hopefully to be an exciting next chapter!

xo, Bailey

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