July ATL Trip Re-Cap

Humidity ain’t got nothing on this city

I’ve been so swamped running around lately that I can’t believe it’s been an ENTIRE month since my trip to Atlanta and I haven’t given y’all the details on what a hot and humid trip it was. According to the locals though, I was there just at the right time – the week before had been a MONSOON and you know my whimpy SoCal booty would not have held up well in that situation.

I’m so lucky that my new gig involves traveling all over to share and support our business growth, meaning that I get to jet-set about and get to experience lots of newness and adventure. I stayed in the most amazing loft via Airbnb, with the most glorious almost floor-to-ceiling windows, a view of lush old-growth trees out said pains, and gush-worthy exposed brick. Thankfully there was one small summer storm, and it was amazing walking back from my work show in big plops of warm rain – and then cozying up to watch the sky open up on the fourth floor!

Traveling alone is something that not many of us are comfortable with – it’s actually not something that I had done before! Yes traveling on a plane is one thing by yourself but I’ve always ended up with friends, family, or colleagues at the other end of the flight. ATL was my VERY first time in my thirty years to be in a completely new space and completely on my own! I think my next step is going to take a vacation totally alone, because let me tell you, it was invigorating and I am hooked!

One of my very favorite spots for munchies was this adorable indoor/outdoor spot a little outside of the city called Ladybird. It was right off of the converted railroads that go for miles around Atlanta called the Beltline, and the foliage and natural landscape is SO unlike San Diego I was in humid heaven! My new pal I had met earlier in the day and I ordered like we were serving a family on nine – a BBQ board, Mac-n-Cheese, fries, and Moonshine cocktails and we were DOWN! Even one of the serves asked, “What are y’all doing” WHOOPS!

Have you guys ever been to Atlanta? What was the last spot you traveled to? Let me know in the comments!

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