How to: Crop Sweaters for Spring

Transitional dressing for the switch in seasons

I am not one who does well in the rain and cold, and this year has been especially draining with a new job and a lot of uncertainty around myself and what my next steps will be. I find the weather to be greatly affecting my mood and my motivation, and it’s been difficult to keep my chin up and my optimism in tune.

I think what’s been really difficult too is the small spots of sunshine and warmth that keep playing at our hopes – a week or two of cold and rain will be spliced up by a day of birds chirping and a bit of soil drying up in the sun. Choosing what to wear in these transitional times is always a struggle, but here’s a couple of pieces from my Poshmark closet that are helping me along the way!

This BCBG cropped blush sweater is a cozy and easy pop on, letting you ward off the lingering winter chill when the sun isn’t directly shining on you. And who doesn’t want to scare folks off with the whitest glimpse of skin?! My favorite split-hem high-rise Madewell’s have been in constant rotation (I’ve had to size down twice since losing weight, hence why I’ve got a pair listed in my Poshmark!) since I ordered my first pair. The high-rise is forgiving after too many winter treats when we thought the sun would never return, and the split hem gives a little extra jazz to an easy denim.

Link to purchase below, or let me know in a message you’d like either of these pieces and I can send over a PayPal link.

Cropped BCBG Sweater ; Madewell Skinny Jeans ;Quay Sunnies

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