Fresh Hair – Who Dis?

Fresh and natural looking color using balayage hand-painted technique

There’s something about having your hair done that makes you feel on top of the world – and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way? Literally every time I get it done, you’ve got to take it out on the town and show it off! And since I only get mine cut and colored about every 9 or 10 months, that feeling is almost like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

My gal pal Viri works wonders with hand-painted balayage treatments, I had let her last painted works grow out for almost a year, and still had folks asking me if I had just had my hair done – say WHAT. I’ve obviously got a LOT of hair happening, so the entire process takes about three hours. She individually paints sections, no foils involved in this look, and uses saran wrap to separate the layers as she goes up.

The finished look allows me to go so long between sessions, because the natural grow out adds to the dimension and character of it. Viri works out of Cooper Alley salon both in San Francisco and Larkspur, let me know if you’re interested in booking with her to get some fine fresh locks of your own!

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