Current Favorites for Sale on Poshmark

What I just added to my closet that I can’t get enough of!

Thankfully I had been a KonMari convert from many years ago when her book first hit state-side, so I haven’t fully lost it with everyone else on the Netflix series! But with my break-up heartache healed, I have truly been listening to my inner voice – and a huge item it was screaming at me to adjust was making sure my wardrobe consists of my true style.

So I went on a purge a few Friday nights ago, and cleared out an extra 25 or so pieces to post on my Poshmark. Tried on literally every piece I had in my hanging wardrobe, and am so thrilled at each and every piece that made the cut. But those others that didn’t SPARK JOY, well, they’re now up on my Poshmark!

I’ve been trying to really enjoy taking my Poshmark photos lately, and trying to also channel my own style and aesthetic into these little photo tales. If there is anything you would like a better price on, let me know – I can create a custom PayPal through my site here!

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