Looking Into 2019

How are you planning to make this year your best yet?

As I reflect on what I’m planning for my goals of the future, it’s hard to not turn introspective on what 2018 has brought and taught me, and I think this is where the true value of a “New Year’s Resolution” comes into play. Of course focusing on what the changing of a calendar year can bring fresh clarity, but I think any time of the year that we look back on our opportunities presented and strengths moving forward is worth surmising.

For me, 2018 was a huge year of change, just as most years before, the balance of such amazing love and such amazing loss. If we aren’t growing and moving forward, getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and letting in pain, heartbreak, and joy – what differentiates us from any other species? Living in that space between is what I am goaling for myself, it’s where I find my truest forms of self!

In 2018, I am proud that I continued to live with absolute open-hearted joy, to take huge risks for love that may not have panned out the way I had envisioned, and I attribute some huge strides in mental clarity to these big breakdowns.

In 2019, one part of my mindset I am hoping to work through is keeping a completely open-mind, to not have a distinct idea of what the future holds or what plans should look like. This was a major sticking factor in my last relationship, getting swept up in another human’s life and their ideals vs letting my own shine through. But it taught me that having zero expectations can be a godsend, and letting life organically take shape can be a blessing.

What are you working on in the next loop around the sun?

More beachy waves in 2019, that’s for sure!

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