Weekends in La La Land

A little SoCal escape never hurt nobody!

Coming from San Diego, LA was always so much closer than you realized – until you’re driving from Northern California in a torrential rain storm and it suddenly feels light years away!

I took a quick weekend away to get down and see some of my favorite faces that just happen to reside in the LA area. LA to me is much like the San Francisco area – everything is so much further away than you realize! Plus, add in that famous Los Angeles traffic and you’re stuck in the car for the majority of your time.

My brother and sister-in-law recently purchased a home in Pasadena, and BOY is Pasadena the most quintessential LA neighborhood you can imagine (minus the beach, but you can’t have it all can ya!). So many amazing styles of architecture, loads of trees lining every street, I can definitely get behind the appeal.

I can’t go to LA without taking myself to see an ocean-studded sunset, so a stop in Malibu was absolutely necessary after a little hang with some pals in the Palisades.


And of course, getting to spend time with my family (and fur family) is the best reason to fight everyone on the i-5 down south!

Where does your family live? Do you get to see them as often as you want?

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