Sabbatical to San Diago

Trying to escape the rain and chill of a Northern California fall, I headed down to my old stomping grounds of San Diego – only to be greeted with more drizzle and more cold!! It’s the sunny smiles of pals that absolutely warms me up though, and I was like to spend a couple of quick days reconnecting with so many of my nearest and dearest.

As much as I hate driving for 500 miles, it is so much easier to coordinate when you have your own set of wheels trying to fit as many spots into a short 36 hours! I feel like most of my trip was absolutely enjoying my own company shlepping myself all over town (and all over the state!)

A few of my favorite gals at my favorite spot, Pigment

Where do you love to travel to? Let me know in the comments!

The most beautiful Cactus in OB

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