What Does Self Care Look Like?

Self-care is a huge topic in our hectic and chaotic world, and it looks different to everyone. How open are you with your closest circle about what you need in order to take care of your personal well-being?

Going through a huge trauma myself, I’m the type of person that turns to my friends and family to pick myself back up. My self-care rituals are heavily set in resetting and refocusing on the positives in my life, and what I find most value and joy in. For me, spending quality time together, whether it’s cooking dinner at home, taking the dog for a walk, or a social outing for dinner, these past loves of my life combined with loved ones are my top choice for my own growth and sanity.

In my younger years, my reaction to heartbreak and loss was self-destructive tendencies: eating horrible food, drinking too much and often alone, not taking care of my physical well-being. Although I’ve lost sight of one of my foundations for feeling good in the last year or so, running and a difficult workout make me feel right in the head again – if only until the endorphins burn off!


But this isn’t the case for many, and talking about how we can support each other in how someone chooses to self-care is so vital. We’re all on this planet together to share human experience, and opening the dialogue of pain and hardships is as important as supporting our tribe during the joy and smiles.

Are you good about regular self-care? Do you want until tragedy strikes to focus in on yourself again?

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