What to Wear When You Hate Costumes?

Halloween is a turning point in the year, when back to back holidays make your head spin, and the year just dissipates into pies and turkeys and hams and champagne. I’m no scrooge, but I have always hated dressing up for the event – I just don’t get the elaborate costumes, that putrid scent of fake material that is effervescent in store-bought outfits, spending hours and hours and hundreds of dollars on one event’s look. Okay, maybe I am a scrooge, but I definitely have some holiday cheer in these bones.

I might not do a costume, but I am always on board for a dark broody lip, and color thematic approach to my style. What is more quintessential for the night of All Hallow’s Eve, than Black and Orange? Nothing!

Bright orange underneath a black leather, and the most amazing GOLD heeled booties made some girls yell out as I was walking the dog that I was “Killing Halloween” – I’m taking that as you don’t need no costume to be fun and festive!


Don’t have a black hued lippy? I used my Mac Russian Red with a black liner underneath to create my bold lip. All about simplicity in this book!


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