Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Holidays

Such a huge part of why holidays are so special to us is the nostalgia of traditions of years past – the honoring and remembering of past joyful celebrations, the magic of naivete of childhood, these all play into what transforms one ordinary day into one of celebration. With holidays as I’ve grown older and so much has changed from the traditions set in place with the continued change in my own life, how do you remain true to those sentiments without the constructs of tradition?

This year, with all the massive upheavals of my life in the last month, there wasn’t time to plan travelling to family hundreds of miles away, and most of my local relatives all had their plans locked down. My Mom and I have shared a variety of non-traditional holidays together, and this year was no different!

I hate Turkey (but honestly, does anyone actually like Turkey? No.), so Mama Bear roasted us a darling chicken, handmade the most amazing citrus cranberry sauce, and sauteed brussels and carrots. While I roasted potato wedges in cinnamon and coconut oil, and burned the absolute must have: crescent rolls!


I will never support the traditional Turkey Trot 5k’s, but the three of us readied our metabolisms for our mini-feast with a lap around Lake Merritt in between the rain storms. For the first time in over a week, we got to be out and mask-less and it felt wonderful to breathe in some fresh air!

What did you do on Thanksgiving this year? Any non-traditional fans out there celebrating the day in their own way? Let me know!

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