Petition to Bring Back the Myspace Selfie

I don’t know about you guys, but I miss the ole days of long arm Myspace picture – before the invention of the mirror selfie. That high up angle gets the whole ‘fit in there: face, hair, shoes, and all, plus major slimming effects amiright? I don’t know who to send this petition to, I’ve got to find Tom somewhere out in cyberspace and I bet he’ll be able to pass it through to the internet Congressional floor.

The mirror pic is fine and well, unless like me you’re in a seedy bar bathroom looking real cute, and the mirror has graffiti scratched in from before the birth of time (and honestly, get a life, that gilded frame did nothing to you). Or worse yet it’s just you and a toilet, and there is no way to snap your face shot without that big bowl of porcelain creeping in on it too.IMG_9449

LOFT Sweater / Jeans by Madewell / Free People Lost Valley Ankle Boot


Comment below if you’re with me, #MyspaceSelfieOrBust

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