Sunday Getaway to Pacifica

I’m a big supporter of “Sunday Funday” – being as how that is my only weekend day off, and doubles as the only day off I have with my man! He’s a busy dude (sucks to date a popular guy, hence my ability to craft a website in my free time!), and getting a full uninterrupted day rarely happens with his social schedule.


To top off his popularity, he’s also an extremely talented drummer, and one of his current projects was performing at the 33rd annual Fog Fest in Pacifica, a cute beach town just south of San Francisco. The support he has from his family, my own, and pals is amazing to witness, and talk about the heart eyes when your man is in the band. We got a few cute photos by the beach, albeit photo-bombed by his Father. But you can’t really have it all.


Sunnies from Shop Pigment / My distressed skinnies from Hudson / His skinnies from Levi’s / Blouse from Tularosa

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